Finding the essence of any arrhythmia is the key to make a difference in each patient's life. With our unique solutions, physicians are now able to derive and execute an individual and optimized ablation strategy for every patient.

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Insights into RECOVER AF with principal investigator Prof. Tim R. Betts.


Trigger mapping with AcQMap - workflow and results - with Dr. DJ Lakkireddy


Prof. Dr. Frank Heinzel
Staedtisches Klinikum Dresden, Germany

Individualized Therapy - AcQMap in Daily Routine



Dr. Pierre Qian
Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia

No radiation exposure: Is zero fluoro in complex EP procedures possible?



Dr. Sonia Busch & Dr. Dr. Mathias Forkmann
Hospital Coburg, Germany

Finding and treating the essence of atrial arrhythmia - experiences with non-contact mapping and the core-to-boundary ablation strategy


Prof. Dr. Leif-Hendrik Boldt
Charité Berlin, Germany

Challenges of treating complex arrhythmias


Dr. Christoph Scharf
Klinik im Park Zurich, Switzerland

Differences between non-contact mapping vs. contact mapping - a clinical perspective



APHRS 2022: Get to the Essence of Arrhythmias: Improving Outcomes with Charge Density Non-Contact Mapping and Pulsed Field Ablation

Chairs: Dr. Eric Lim (Singapore) & Dr. Simon James (UK)
Talks by Prof. Tim Betts (UK), Dr. Tamas Szili-Torok (NL), Prof. Leif-Hendrik Boldt (Germany) & Prof. Vivek Reddy (USA)
Panelists: Prof. Stuart Thomas (Australia), Prof. Paul Gould (Australia) & Dr. Derrick Chou (USA) 

EHRA 2022: Discover the essence of electrophysiology by treating non-sustained & complex arrhythmias with charge-density mapping

Chair: Prof. Dipen Shah (Switzerland)
Talks by Dr. Stephen Murray (UK), Dr. Tamas Szili-Torok (NL) & Dr. Michael Pope (UK)

Expert Sessions

Prof. Tim Betts, Dr. Michael Pope & Dr. Steve Murray (UK)

Practical experience with charge density non-contact mapping - AcQMap Case Tutorials: a peer-to-peer discussion

Dr. Norbert Klein (Germany)

Does gold provide clinical benefit in daily practice? Sharing clinical experience with using GoldTip catheters

Prof. Dr. Lucas Boersma (The Netherlands)

Map-guided ablation: new opportunities