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Transseptal Solutions

HeartSpan Fixed Curve Transseptal Sheath

The HeartSpan fixed curve transseptal sheath with its braided construction offers curve durability and kink resistance during long procedures. Furthermore, it is designed with a seamless dilator-to-tip transition, to assist with femoral insertion and reducing trauma when crossing the septum. With its multiple curve options, the HeartSpan is the optimal choice for reaching various sites within the cardiac chambers.

  • Optimal visibility
    Embedded platinum fluoroscopy marker
  • Wide product range
    Multiple curve angles available ranging from 15° – 150° in two different lengths

Senovo Bi-Flex Deflectable Transseptal Sheath

Senovo Bi-Flex is a bidirectional steerable sheath. It is the ultimate tool for gaining access to challenging sites within the left atrium, while maintaining hemostasis with SureSeal™ technology.

  • Full bidirectional deflection of 180°
  • Low profile for ease of access

Adnovo MAX 2.0

Adnovo MAX 2.0 is the bidirectional steerable sheath which should be used with the SentiCath 3D Imaging & Mapping catheter. The hemostatic valve reliably provides seal across a wide range of shaft diameters (7F to 12F) and therefore allows the usage of cryoballoon catheters.

HeartSpan Needle

The HeartSpan® Transseptal Needle is designed to be exceptionally responsive with enhanced stiffness. The ergonomic handle fits the contours of the hand for nimble control and navigation. It is available in multiple length from 71 - 98 cm in two different curve angles.

The HeartSpan Needle is designed to work with the HeartSpan transseptal sheath.

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