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Transseptal Sheaths

AcQGuide® Max Steerable Sheath

The AcQGuide Max Steerable Sheath is a percutaneous catheter introducer designed to provide optimal maneuverability to the AcQMap catheter that is advanced through the sheath into the right or left chambers of the heart.

  • Unidirectional steering with 0º–180º deflection
  • Braided shaft provides improved torque response and stability
  • Double-braided for kink resistance
  • High visibility under fluoroscopy
  • Seamless transition into vasculature and septal crossing

Senovo Bi-Flex

Senovo Bi-Flex is a bidirectional steerable sheath. It is the ultimate tool for gaining access to challenging sites within the left atrium, while maintaining hemostasis with SureSeal™ technology.

  • Full bidirectional deflection of 180°
  • Low profile for ease of access

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