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Contact Force Ablation

AlCath Force

AlCath Force is a steerable, irrigated, quadripolar catheter with an integrated force sensor. It is built on the well-established AlCath Flux eXtra Gold catheter with X-shaped irrigated GoldTip electrodes, maximizing the natural cooling effect of the blood for safe and effective lesion creation at low flow rates. The advanced single optical fiber technology allows for three-dimensional force measurement.

  • 3.5 mm irrigated GoldTip electrode
  • Innovative tip-cooling design
  • Isolated force sensor with temperature correction
  • Ultra-thin gold ring electrodes
  • 250° deflection

Qubic Force

Qubic Force provides the visualization of the contact force of the AlCath Force catheter tip on the cardiac wall during an electrophysiological procedure with or without radiofrequency ablation delivery.



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