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3D Mapping and Imaging Accessories

AcQMap® 3D Imaging & Mapping Catheter

The AcQMap 3D Imaging and Mapping Catheter is a non-contact, over-the-wire, intracardiac catheter for visualizing and recording electrical impulses in patients with complex arrhythmias. It acquires up to 115,000 ultrasound data points per minute for high-resolution 3D anatomic reconstruction.


  • Ultra-high-resolution charge density maps by collecting up to 150,000 biopotential samples per second for display of full-chamber, real-time, high-resolution cardiac electrical activity
  • High-definition anatomy reconstruction in non-contact mode using M-mode ultrasound
  • Fast and easy map and re-map capabilities revealing locations of interest pre- and post-ablation and allowing for more procedural efficacy

AcQMap Patient Electrode Kit

The AcQMap Patient Electrode Kit is compatible with the AcQMap High Resolution 3D Imaging and Mapping System.

AcQRef® Introducer Sheath

AcQRef is a dual-purpose introducer sheath with integrated electrodes that provides stable electrical reference and eliminates the need for an additional introducer.

  • Vascular access for auxiliary EP catheters (7 F)
  • Stable electrical reference
  • 7 F inner diameter, 10.8 F outer diameter

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