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We believe that having an accurate anatomy and recording of any rhythm within a heartbeat is critical to the success of clinical outcomes. Our unique solutions, which are centered around the AcQMap® System for non-contact imaging of the cardiac anatomy, help physicians with advanced imaging, navigation and mapping.

AcQMap High Resolution Imaging and Mapping System

The AcQMap System retains the ability to quickly build atrial anatomy using high-resolution 3D cardiac chamber reconstructions with ultrasound.

The AcQMap’s electro-functional imaging and navigation system offers clear real-time mapping and imaging for the individual treatment of atrial and complex arrhythmias based on the following features:

  • Non-contact mapping with single position and SuperMap as well as contact mapping capabilities
  • Dynamic, three-dimensional charge density maps overlaid on the cardiac chamber reconstruction to show chamber-wide electrical activation
  • Remapping of the chamber in 30 seconds or less at any time during the procedure
  • Open platform system – compatible with a wide range of diagnostic and ablation catheters that can be localized with impedance tracking


The AcQMap System allows physicians to truly see, in real time, the electrical activity of a cardiac chamber. It is the first and only imaging and mapping system that has 3 unique mapping modes for mapping any rhythm.

Non-Contact Mapping

Single Position Map

Map-ablate-remap with this adaptive treatment solution for complex, unstable and non-repetitive rhythms



Next level hover mapping for complex, multi-circuit and repetitive rhythms


Contact Mapping

Contact Map

Conventional mapping for irregular or simple, stable and repetitive rhythms


AcQMap 8 software features

Optimize your workflow with intelligent software tools to confidently assess conduction patterns & rapidly determine regions of interest


AcQTrack was designed to help confidently assess these abnormal conduction patterns and rapidly identify the regions of interest.

Slow Zone Locator

The Slow Zone Locator is designed to help confidently assess areas of consistent slow conduction and rapidly identify regions of interest over multiple cycles.


Non-contact CFAE

Designed to help confidently fractionation and rapidly identify CFAE regions.


The seamless integration of AlCath Force, Qubic Force and Qubic RF enables a complete and customized visualization of contact force information as well as RF generator parameters displayed directly into the system’s interface.


Full integration

The full integration with AlCath Force enables complete individual visualization of the ablation procedure directly within the AcQMap 3D Imaging & Mapping system.



AcQTag automatically colors and sizes markers during RF ablation based on user-defined parameters.

Distance Tools

Marker to Marker and Distance to Marker tools support to define the location of the next lesion tag based on the protocol physicians are following.

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